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Share Your Story.
Change the World.

Helping Mission Minded Businesses leverage story to engage customers online and in person.

Identify Your Mission

Share Your Story

Engage Your Customers

Helping customers understand the mission behind your business and the impact you are making can feel overwhelming.

Does any of this sound familiar?

People don’t understand the bigger “Why” behind your business, and your mission to help more people.

Your website looks good, but people don’t take action or join your cause.

You don’t have a plan for inviting supporters to partner with you.
Your marketing feels like a giant time suck with little return.

If so, you need a proven plan for sharing your impact, because your mission can change the world.

You didn’t go into business just to make a profit. 

You want to see lives changed. To use your gifts and expertise to help people and make a difference in the world.

To do that, you need to share the story of your business, and your mission, in a clear, concise, and compelling way. The problem is, that takes time, energy, and a marketing plan which leaves you overwhelmed when the response isn’t all you hope for.

I believe your organization can change the world.

My Mission Minded Messaging process will help you share your impact with clarity and empathy so customers become supporters and engage at deeper levels.

I’ve worked with 70+ organizations to help them share their unique story, connect people to their brand, and increase revenue. 

By walking through my proven system you will get the right plan for your organization.

Our Unique Approach

Marketing Strategy

Start with your goals in mind to build a repeatable plan for sharing the mission, vision and impact you are making. 

Allowing you to avoid the random acts of marketing which suck your time, energy and budget dry.


Story Harvesting

Utilize stories of life change from the people you serve to share the impact of your work with supporters.

Allowing you to engage volunteers and financial partners at deeper levels.


Communications Consulting

Get clarity around your messaging and overall communications goals so your mission and needs are understood

Empowering you to move forward with intentionality, focus and a plan.

“Working with Ryan has blown us away. He helped us clarify how we present ourselves to the public, so our mission and actions are clear and understandable. His process allows us to tell our story and remain true to who we are at the same time.”

Betsy Cockrell

Abundant Life Ranch

Honored to Serve

A Plan You Can Trust

Since 2003, Ryan Holck has worked with businesses, nonprofits and organizations who have a mission to change lives and impact the world. 

We’ve served 70+ organizations in the past eight years, helping them:

  1. Share their unique story
  2. Connect more people to their brand
  3. Increase revenue

With each organization served, it became increasingly clear they needed a repeatable process to share the impact they were making.

The Mission Minded Messaging process was born. This three part process helps an organization identify, collect and share the stories about the impact and lives they are impacting.

It can help your business too… 

Getting Started is Easy


Schedule a Call

Let’s connect about your organization’s mission, message and goals.


Get a Plan

We will build a Mission Minded plan for you to share your story and engage more people.


Be understood

Rise above the noise with a clear, concise story that compels people to action.